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Loafing Sheds- Multi-Purpose Sheds

Loafing sheds can be built in a variety of sizes but, typically in 12' X 12' increments, and up to any length your desire. We build gable, mansard and shed roofs with varying overhangs. Our loafing sheds are custom built on site. We can close in any portion of the loafing shed, thus converting that portion into a stall, feed or tack room. 

As the photos portrays, the storage sheds can be built onto your loafing shed, allowing you a secure dry place to put your tack and feed. 

Loafing sheds


We custom build our shelters to fit miniature donkeys, alpacas, llamas, cattle and other animals of the shorter frame. As you can see little Dapple's can attest!

Particularly nice for those who do not want to carry their
 tack and feed from the barn every day. 
Our 12' x 24' loafing sheds start around $7,500.00, 
depending on location and construction requests.



Multi-Purpose Sheds

This is a new category of shed we are building, which is designed for those who want an attractive, economical place to store their farm equipment such as tractors, horse trailers, snow mobiles, four wheelers, etc., without having to go to the expense of building a complete barn. This type of shed/building is great for storing hay and or using all or part of it as a loafing shed for your horses.

We have built this shed using post and beam construction techniques, which reduces the overall cost and allows the customer to get more cubic feet per dollar, while maintaining its rustic appearance. These sheds can be built to accommodate your specific requirements. 

Hay Storage

Southwest Equine Shelters and Barns

Tulsa, Oklahoma



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